A Chance That Nothing Will Happen


Published by Permanent Drift

Signed and numbered
Edition of 10

A 36 page handmade case bound book based on a series of photographs made in Philadelphia by John Patrick Waller.  Foil-stamped cloth bound cover with archival inkjet print inlay.  Each copy with an envelope containing a saddle – stitched booklet.

Now a subterranean sewer system,  the Cohocksink Creek is historically significant regarding the contemporary topography of Philadelphia. Apparently, early settlers were prone to disappearance in the area of the creek, and its eventual subterranean containment was considered one of the most significant civil engineering feats in the city’s history; allowing the Northern Liberties to be developed. Today, the course of the creek is echoed in the streets and buildings above, and where the order of the urban grid is broken, the quietly flowing water below can be heard whispering.
In an attempt to make a visual record of an invisible feature of the city’s infrastructure, medium format black and white negative material was developed using water collected from the Delaware River, where the creek terminates.