Archival Inkjet Printing

Whether you need prints for an upcoming exhibition, to give as a gift, or to reproduce an original artwork; archival inkjet printing is a great solution.  When carefully produced, an inkjet print (sometimes called a giclée print) may last up to 200 years, and can produce astounding detail and subtle tones.

I print using the Epson Stylus Pro 3880 wide format printer, which uses the Epson Ultrachrome K3 ink set and produces prints with an extremely wide color gamut. Sizes are priced from 8" x 10" to 16" x 24" but custom sizes up to 17" x 25" are available by request. Prices are based on stock paper.

    How It Works

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    Upload your files:

    Please use the following naming convention: SmithJohn-8x10-1.tiff

    Recommended file types are .tiff, .pdf, .bmp, or .jpg. Best results are achieved at 300dpi or higher.

    Please contact me before placing your order if you want help preparing your files for print.

    Paper Selection

    60lb. Matte
    from 10.00

    Choose matte for landscapes, black and white photography, low contrast images, design, and artistic work. The lack of surface reflection means that details are the primary focus of the print.

    Acid-free, 60lb.


    68lb Gloss
    from 10.00

    This paper is a resin coated, high gloss, smooth surface photobase paper with a brilliant white finish. Looks and feels just like traditional photo lab paper.

    Acid-free, 68lb.



    68lb. Satin Luster
    from 12.00

    Bold white papers are great for reproducing rich blacks and higher contrast. The surface is textured to a medium depth - just the right amount to enhance your prints without being a distraction. Produces a wide color gamut as well as smooth tonal transitions.  Black & white photos will be neutral and crisp.

    Acid-free, 68lb.


    64lb. Fine Art Natural
    from 12.00

    Made using refined 100% cotton, this paper brings elegance, warmth, and nuance to your photography and art prints. Features a pleasing natural white tone and semi-smooth surface. Contains no optical brighteners. This is a benefit because the paper will remain its original shade over a long period of time.

    Acid-free, 64lb.

    Film Scanning & Restoration

    Film scanning and Restoration services are currently available by appointment. Please fill out the form and I will get back to you with an estimate.

    For negative scanning,  indicate the format (35mm, 120, Slide), color or black & white, number of frames to be scanned, and desired output resolution (screen, print, or both).

    For restorations, please upload an image of your damaged print and fill out the form for an estimate. For large or difficult to move collections, please schedule a time for appraisal.

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